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VG70 Ventilator Components 


The Critical Care Ventilator System consists of two required Components: a Main Control Unit and a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Optional Components available for the Critical Care Ventilator system are: Cart, Battery Backup Assembly,Patient Circuit Positioning Arm, Patient Circuit Assemblies and CO2 module, etc.


The GUI controls ventilator settings: Settings can be selected and adjusted by using a finger on the screen and/or the encoder knob. The GUI verifies that all combinations of settings are obtainable and will notify the user of any setting limitations. Breathing parameters are continuously measured by transducers and controlled by a feedback system in the Breathing Delivery Unit. The ventilator responds to a difference between the actual measured value of a parameter and the preset or calculated value by adjusting gas delivery to achieve the target value. 


Patient type:Adult and pediatric patient 

Ventilation modes: 

  • VCV(A/C)
  • PCV(A/C) 
  • PRVC(optional) 
  • BIVENT/APRV+PSV(optional) 
  • NIV-T 
  • NIV-S/T 



  • Apnea ventilation 
  • Lung mechanic 
  • Pressure and Flow trigger 
  • Automatic Tube Compensation (ATC) 
  • Smart suction 
  • Manual breath 
  • Insp/Exp hold 
  • Waveform freeze 
  • Nebulization 
  • Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) 
  • etCO2 measurement 





Aeonmed VG70 Non-invasive & Invasive Combo Ventilator



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